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Rochester Queens Results and Prize List(s)

Date: Sun, Mar 4th, 2018

• Rochester Queens Prize List
1st Place - Caycee Landers, $325, plus champion's tiara; 2nd Place - Shanna Chepelsky, $195; 3rd Place - Kara Mangiola, $150; 4th Place - Andrea Pizzo, $110; 5th Place - Sarah Germano, $75; other semi-finalists (6th thru 13th place, $50 each) - Sandy Restieri, Kayla Burnett, Veronica Mitchell, Mary Jo Brenner, Traci Spanitz, Jenn Cutter, Judy Koester and Christina Collyer.

• Rochester Princess Prize List
1st Place - Stephanie Buhan, $300, plus champion's tiara; 2nd Place - Shayla Fitts, $195; 3rd Place - Krystyne Davis, $150; 4th Place - Debbie Williams, $110; 5th Place - Cassandra Reeves, $75; other semi-finalists (6th thru 11th place, $50 each) - Mimi Lucey, Heather Ray, Kathy Bailey, Laurie Defone, Dena Alberti and Meghan Kasperkoski.

• Rochester Duchess Prize List
1st Place - Sarah Meath, $325, plus champion's tiara; 2nd Place - Charli Suter, $195; 3rd Place - Brittany Brayer, $150; 4th Place - Laurie Andrews, $110; 5th Place - Jamie Kime, $75; other semi-finalists (6th thru 14th place, $50 each) - Brenda Shatzel, Mary McLaren, Wanda Barber, Magen Dambra, Sue Koch, Gloria Gerken, Barbara Pratt and Christine McWilliams.

• Rochester Queens, Princess & Duchess checks were mailed out on Thursday, February 22.

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Rochester Queens Results and Prize List(s)

Rochester Queens/ Princess/Duchess Prize List

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