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Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays: Noon - 2:00 PM

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LEAGUE KITS ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP! ___________________________________________

Congrats to local youth bowler Cameron Hurwitz who won the Boys' U17 Division of the (national) Junior Gold Tournament in Detroit on July 20! CBS Sports Network will air the show on Tuesday, August 6 at 8:00pm.

The Rochester Area Bowling community is INVITED to attend a CELEBRATION on Tuesday, August 6, 2019 at 6:30pm at AMF FAIRVIEW LANES to recognize Cameron. The festivities will start with remarks from local leaders, coaches and family followed by a VIEWING of CAMERON’S Stepladder finals. Food and Beverages will be provided by AMF Fairview Lanes.

Pass this along to the ALL, Let’s ALL come TOGETHER to support our local YOUTH!


Rule Changes to be aware of for this upcoming season...
Rule 18, Bowling Ball - Altering Surface - Bowling balls cannot be cleaned with liquid
substances or cleaning agents or have any foreign materials on the ball including but not limited to powder, rosin, marker or paint.
Under League Rules - Rule 102e, Item 9, Duties of the Secretary
Requires f
inal averages to be submitted to the local association within 15 days of the completion of the league.

Youth Bowling will lower age to 18 in 2020-21!

The decision to lower to the maximum age from 20 to 18, with agreement from the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America and the International Bowling Campus Youth Committee, will align bowling with other youth sports.

“Over the last decade, we have made changes to USBC Youth programs and tournaments to provide a model comparable with other youth sports,” IBC Youth Managing Director of Youth Development Gary Brown said. “We moved to age-based divisions, as opposed to average, for events, to provide peer-to-peer competition. Setting the maximum age for youth bowlers to 18 aligns us with the standard of other national youth sports organizations.”

A U18 division will become the top division for the Pepsi Youth and Youth Open Championships for the 2020-2021 season. During the next season, USBC will address how the age change will impact the 2021 Junior Gold Championships, which will have a separate U20 division. Please visit for additional information.

Starting with the 2020-2021 season, USBC Youth membership policy will state youth membership is available to individuals who have not reached the age of 18 prior to Aug. 1 of the current bowling season.

The new age limit marks the second time the USBC Youth maximum age has been lowered. In 2009, USBC lowered the maximum age for youth bowlers from 22 to 20.

Visit to learn more about the youth bowling programs and events.

Our Honor Scoring Ladies from the 2018-19 Season...

300 Games

Jackie Barber (her 2nd) at AMF Gates Lanes

Pamela French-Mott (her 1st) at AMF Dewey Garden Lanes

Stephanie Shook (her 2nd) at AMF Dewey Garden Lanes

Susan Strait (her 1st) at AMF Dewey Garden Lanes

800 Series'

Shanna Chepelsky 814 at Pleasure Lanes in Women's City Championships

Susan Strait 815 at AMF Dewey Garden Lanes


Rochester's Steve Meyer wins an Eagle!

Rochester bowler Steve Meyer teamed with Anthony Pepe, TJ Mento, Derek Magno and Joe Conti to capture the USBC Open Championships Team All-Events title! Go to for all of the final results.

2018-19 All-Star Teams announced...

Women - Judy Koester 212.35, Mary Jo Brenner 208.02, Victoria Maracle 204.43, Veronica Mitchell 204.41 and Sandy Restieri 202.98.

Men - Scott Culp 239.00, Mike Priset 234.72, Steve Meyer 234.58, Neal Argento 234.53 and Josh Curtiss 232.92.

Girls - Cassidy Potter 205, Elena Carr 203, Cassidy Anschutz 201, Haley Grabowski 195, Kayla Vary 189.3 and Taylor Lucas 189.3.

Boys - Kaleb Stephens 219, Alex Linnenbrink 216, Fabian Rivera 216, Jaden Conolly 215 and Tommy Parsons 214.

Bowling Ball Technology...

In April 2018, USBC announced new bowling ball specifications. The initial rule change will go in to effect this year. Starting August 1, 2019, only a dry towel can be used to clean a bowling ball during competition. Keep in mind that starting on August 1, 2020, Balance Holes will be prohibited.

Visit for full details.

USBC Suspends Three-Unit Lane Dressing Rule

JUNE 24, 2019 – After reviewing recent research on lane dressing and examining the current rules about how lane oil is applied, the United States Bowling Congress Equipment Specifications Committee determined the three-unit rule, required at the time oil is applied to a lane, no longer is applicable and will be suspended.

The USBC Equipment Specifications and Certifications team’s research has shown advancements in technology, including how today’s bowling balls drastically alter any oil pattern applied to a lane surface, have made the rule obsolete.

Instituted by the American Bowling Congress in 1992, the three-unit rule states lane dressing could be applied in any amount and any distance, as long as there was a minimum of three units, and it became the only standard oil pattern regulation.

The review of the three-unit rule is a continuation of the USBC’s commitment to continually explore all facets in bowling while thinking about the future of the sport.

“At this time, it makes sense to suspend the rule but continue to monitor leagues and competitions as the equipment we use, and the lanes on which we compete, continue to evolve,” USBC Equipment Specifications chair Andrew Cain said. “A review of the current lane-dressing regulation was simply the next logical phase of research and one within which the applicability of the three-unit rule itself was called into question.  This process of constant inquiry and ensuing research is central to maintaining the integrity of our sport.”

With the suspension of the three-unit rule, local associations no longer will be required to submit an annual Lane Dressing Inspection Report (LDIR) for its centers.

The research performed at the International Training and Research Center in Arlington showed lane patterns are drastically altered by the use of today’s bowling balls, and most patterns likely do not comply with the three-unit rule by the end of a league session.

USBC will continue to run Sport-compliant patterns for its national events, such as the USBC Open and Women’s Championships, the Junior Gold Championships and its major short-duration events. USBC also will maintain the Standard, Challenge and Sport lane conditions average conversion charts, for those who wish to compete in leagues and tournaments on challenging lane conditions.

The Equipment Specifications Committee also set the specification for any hole drilled in a bowling ball.

Effective August 1, 2020, drilled holes cannot exceed a diameter of 1-9/16 inches and a hole cannot have a depth of more than 4-1/2 inches. The specification includes holes in which removable devices are used, though the holes size specifically was set to allow all existing removeable devises to remain.

Also, because any gripping hole that does not have the thumb or fingers inserted into it throughout the approach would be classified as a balance hole, which is not allowed as of August 1, 2020, any secondary hole drilled inside of a gripping hole that is not intended for gripping purpose is considered a void and not allowed, except for vent holes. Visit for the drilling rule.


Open City Championships Official Final Results 

The 97th annual Rochester NY USBC Open City Championship Tournament completed competition at Sunset Lanes on Sunday, May 19. "Sunset Lefties" won the Scratch Team Event with 3634. The quintet included Ricky Zinone, Kara Mangiola, recent Hall of Fame inductee Bob Wiley, past Masters champion Dan Keenan and Josh Curtiss. Curtiss had a 300 game during the effort and Zinone led the squad with an 813 series. "Team 58" grabbed the Handicap Team crown with 3391, edging out "We Quit" by just four sticks. The winning team members are Rob Carter, Amanda Schwartz, Ray Carter, Kenny Maurer and Randy Miller. Both Keenan (1521 Scratch with Ray LeChase II) and Maurer (1503 Handicap with Steve Bull) added Doubles titles. The top 3-game shooter of the tournament was Nick Capizzi with his 834 winning set in the Scratch Singles. His games were 267-278-289. Tyler Whipple earned both the Handicap Singles (829) and Combine (1533) titles. Two-time Masters champion Dan Vick ran away with the Scratch Combine (778+826 for 1604). In All-Events, defending Masters champion Sam Capizzi Jr.'s 2269 total (739+813+717) won by one pin. Recent Canandaigua Masters champion Ken Haslip tallied 2177 to take the Handicap crown. For a listing of all scores see below.   

TEAM: Scratch - Sunset Lefties - 3634 -- See Complete Team Scratch results here: 

TEAM: Hdcp - Team 58 - 3391 -- See complete Team Handicap results here:

DOUBLES Scr: - Dan Keenan/Ray LeChase II - 1521 -- See Scratch Doubles results here:

DOUBLES Hdcp: - Kenny Maurer/Steve Bull - 1503 -- See Handicap Doubles results here:

SINGLES Scratch: - Nick Capizzi - 834 -- See Scratch Singles results here:

SINGLES Hdcp: - Tyler Whipple - 829 -- See Singles handicap results here:

COMBINE Scratch: - Dan Vick - 1604 -- See Combine Scratch results here:

COMBINE Hdcp: - Tyler Whipple - 1553 -- See Combine Handicap results here:

ALL-EVENTS: Scratch - Sam Capizzi Jr. - 2269 -- See All Events Scratch results here:

ALL-EVENTS Hdcp - Ken Haslip 2177 -- See All Events Handicap results here: 

Checks will be mailed out on Friday, June 7!


Local Team takes top spot at States on final weekend
New York State USBC association manager Mike Pettinella informed the Rochester NY USBC that one of our team entries grabbed the top spot at the 95th NYS Open Championships which concluded at Valley Bowling Center in Waverly on May 19.

The Doug Kent’s Rose Bowl Lanes team, captained by Bill Hasiotis, recorded 3,609 to shatter the previous high score by nearly 200 pins to win the Team 1001 & Over title on Sunday.

This is the third Team (handicap or scratch) title for Hasiotis and teammate Dan Vick since 2015 and the fourth for Steve Meyer, who placed third in the 201 & Over Singles (794) and third in the 201 & Over All-Events (2,219) this year.

Meyer set the pace for the winning team with a 762 series, while sponsor Doug Kent posted 758, Vick 708, Chris Bardol 693 and Hasiotis 688.

Go to the New York State USBC link above for more information.


Bowl-A-Roll Lanes awarded 2021 New York State Open Championships! Go to the New York State USBC link above for more information.


Women's Senior Singles concludes

The 36th annual Rochester NY USBC Women's Senior Tournament was held on May 2 & 4 at Sunset Lanes. The Prize List is displayed below:

Class A (14 entries) - 1st Place - Rosemary Strohmeyer - 703 - $65.00; 2nd Place - Ruth Stork - 674 - $45.00; 3rd Place - Betty Dickinson - 672 - $35.00; and 4th Place - Dorothy Butler - 671 - $25.00.

Class B (15 entries) - 1st Place - Fran Richardson - 753 - $65.00; 2nd Place - Linda Dumont - 703 - $45.00; 3rd Place - Barbara Pratt - 695 - $35.00; and 4th Place - Sharon Trainor - 691 - $25.00.

Class C (15 entries) - 1st Place - Lovette French - 726 - $65.00; 2nd Place - Terri Kondolf - 720 - $45.00; 3rd Place - Lynne Hitzfield - 697 - $35.00; and 4th Place - Vicki Van Halle - 667 - $25.00.

Class D (8 entries) - 1st Place - Stacey Hasiotis - 716 - $50.00; 2nd Place - Bambi Asmuth - 687 - $35.00; and 3rd Place - Becky Flansburg - 679 - $25.00.

Top Scores Out of the Money - High Series - Phyllis Haygood - 681 - $25.00; High Game - Veronica Mitchell - 268 - $25.00.

There were a total of 52 entries! Checks were mailed out May 17.


NYS USBC announces that two Rochester NY USBC bowlers earn State Scholarships; Congratulations to...

2019 Graduating Senior Scholarship Winner: Andrew Ritz - $3,000

2019 Spirit Award Scholarship Winner: Sydney Kraft - $750


Youth March Madness Concludes

The Youth March Madness Tournament recently concluded at AMF Gates Lanes. Check out the final results Here:


The Annual Meeting was held on Sunday, March 31 at Sunset Lanes. Congratulations to the following candidates who were elected...President - Barry Vee, Adult Directors - Jason Kime & incumbent Gina Wrights, and Youth Director Ken Haslip. These positions take effect August 1, 2019.


Rochester's Ken Haslip defeats Craig Cummings, 190-181, to win Canandaigua Masters title on Sunday, March 31!


Michael Wambold, Bob Wiley, Tim Morley and Mimi Lucey newest members of Rochester NY USBC Hall of Fame

The Rochester NY USBC inducted Michael Wambold and Bob Wiley (Outstanding Achievement), Tim Morley (Veteran - Outstanding Achievement) and Mimi Lucey (Meritorious Service) into its Hall of Fame on Wednesday evening May 15 at Rick's Prime Rib House.

In addition, Jeff Kreiss received the Dedicated League Service Award and high school graduating seniors Audrey Thurley and Bradley Carr were honored with Youth Career Achievement Awards.

Outstanding Achievement selection Wambold owns a title that few in the association can claim, an American Bowling Congress Championship Tournament title (now referred to as the USBC Open Championships title). He earned his national “eagle” in the 1995 Doubles event with Scott Kruppenbacher. Wambold’s contribution was a 763 series in their 1486 winning total.

At last report, Wambold owned thirty-six 300 games, eight 800 sets (high of 824), and a high average of 233. He was a 3-time PBA Qualifier Tournament champion at Marcel’s Olympic Bowl, earning spots to bowl alongside the pros. He won the 2009 City Mixed Doubles with NYS and local HOFer Judy Koester, and has won two City Tournament Team titles, including the 2015 event at Bowl-A-Roll as part of the 3801 city record team score with Sarah’s Boys. Wambold still owns the city record for highest quadruplicate score of 236.

Wambold joins his mother, Alberta, in the Hall of Fame, one of only a few such local combinations.

Wiley, also an Outstanding Achievement inductee, got better with age. The right-hander turned 50 in 2009 and proceeded to win the Rochester Senior Masters in his first year of eligibility (2010). He also has a 2nd and 3rd place finish in that event. Wiley won the prestigious Super Bud Bowl in Oswego, NY in 2010. The event draws the top bowlers from the entire northeast US and Canada. He teamed with Dan Keenan to win the 2013 Lakeview Lanes Scratch Doubles and in 2016 Wiley captured the inaugural Bully Scratch Singles Tournament.

Wiley has a City Team title (1994) and was runner-up in the 2011 NYS Masters. Among his dozen 300 games is a Sport 300 at Clover Lanes in 2010. He has also rolled perfectos in the 1991 and 2005 NYS Championship Tournament Singles event. “Thunder God’s” high series is an 822 and his top average is 232.

Morley enters the Hall of Fame in the Veteran Outstanding Achievement category, although the amount that he has given back to the sport would easily qualify him for a Meritorious Service entry. The Webster resident was a City Tournament Team champion in 1995, scratch and handicap. He won a Gold Medal at the 2018 NYS Senior Games with Dave Miller.

Morley was on the one-time city record setting team (Lilac City Tournament) that rolled an 835 triples score in 1994 at Perry’s Bowling Center. His teammates were Art Werner and Jack Leathers. He has countless Top 5 finishes in the Mixed Doubles Championships, 700 Club Tournament, NYS Open Senior Championships and Rochester Senior Masters. He owns a career high average of 237, has seventeen 300 games and double-figure 800 series’ including a career best of 837, rolled in the 1997 Tournament of Champions at Maiden Lanes.

Morley currently serves on the association’s Board of Directors, has been a Tournament Chairman for numerous events and teams up with Kevin Martin certifying our local lane beds.

Rochester Youth Association Manager Lucey will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in the Meritorious Service category for her many contributions to the local bowling community. The 47-year member first became a league officer in 1974, but her work with the youth bowling program in the area is what she is most well known for.

Lucey served on the Rochester Youth Board from 2005-2012 then became the Youth Association Manager, overseeing the numerous junior bowling activities including sanctioning, tournaments, scholarships and fundraising. One of her major contributions has been serving as Youth Travel League Director for the past ten seasons. She chairs both the annual Youth Awards Dinner and Youth Travel League Banquet. Lucey received the Service to Youth Award in 2014.

In 2003, Kreiss became the secretary-treasurer of the Monday Night Ferra’s League at Bowl-A-Roll Lanes. The Beechwood League from the former Clover Lanes merged with the Ferra’s League in 2016 and now boasts 140 regular bowlers and dozens of subs. The association office acknowledges that Kreiss is one of the most efficient secretaries when it comes to submitting membership cards and award applications.

The highly respected Kreiss formerly headed the Friday Nite Late League at Seneca Lanes (1995-97) and the Merry Hill League at AMF Empire Lanes (2002-08).

Association President Michael Callan thanked Nancy Starken, Pat Donaghue and the Hall of Fame Committee for their hard work organizing the event. Barry Vee, who will become the new President in August, did a fantastic job as emcee. Included was a trivia contest with the assistance of Hall of Famer Gina "Vanna" Redding. NY State USBC association manager Mike Pettinella of Batavia joined the head table and updated the attendees on state happenings. Also among the attendees was former proprietor and Hall of Famer Marcel Fournier, who now resides in Florida with his wife Lila. Marcel flew in to give the introductory speech for Tim Morley.


80th Annual Women's City Tournament Wraps Up!! 

Results are in for the recently concluded 80th Annual Rochester City Women's Tournament. Congratulations to Division 1 (AVG 720 & above) winners - Diamond Deluxe & We Be B!#@^e$ finishing 1st & 2nd respectively.  Division 2 (719 & under) went to Those B!%^es! with 2nd going to the Alley Cats.

See complete results Here 


Rochester's Dan Vick captures NYS Masters title, rolls Sport 300

Pittsford’s Dan Vick won the 29th New York State Masters and bowled a "Sport" 300 game at Dixie Lanes in Elmira on Saturday, March 2. The 32-year-old left-hander earned $2,000 following a, 485-388, 2-game title match victory over hometown favorite Jordan D’Angelo. Vick, who also will receive a paid entry to the 2020 USBC Masters, rolled games of 254 and 231, while D’Angelo, who earned $1,000 for placing second, posted games of 195-193. To read Mike Pettinella's full article and to see who made the cut, click on the New York State USBC link above.

3752 scratch team series rolled at B-A-R by; ranks 2nd all-time in association, Top 5 scores listed below

1st - 3801        Sarah’s Boys                                        Bowl-A-Roll (City Tourney)           4/26/15

(Mike Wambold 688, Sarah Germano 776, Brian O’Mara 815, Steve Meyer 790 and Dan Vick 732)


2nd - 3752                                     Bowl-A-Roll                                      2/19/19

(Ron Boyce 813, Steve Meyer 738, Roger Thaine Jr. 750, Scott Dingman 701 and Mike Priset 750)


3rd - 3745      Spatola Party Rental                            Bowl-A-Roll                                      4/9/13

(Ken McJury 751, Gene Bernardo Jr. 710, Paul LeFrois 756, Jim Feely 836 and Gene Bernardo Sr. 692)


4th - 3728        GSP Lighting                                         Sunset Lanes                                    12/14/15

(Mike Slawson 615, Randy Shierling 835, Josh Curtiss 868, Matt Dewey 749 and Steve Meyer 661)

Tie 5th - 3707      D&B Seafood                                       AMF Empire Lanes                          4/9/12

(Mike Small 678, Charlie Milliken 786, Jason Barry 762, Chuck Reagan 668 and Ben Barry 813)

Tie 5th - 3707        Redd’s                                                   Domm's                 4/23/15

(Jeff Dewar 735, Dave Sigouin 765, Al D’Ambrosia 730, Jim Wollschleger 719, John Martorella Sr. 758)

Final results are in for the 17th Annual Adult-Youth Doubles City Championship Tournament

Thanks to all who participated in the Rochester USBC sponsored 17th Annual Adult-Youth City Doubles Championship Tournament held in January at Miller Lanes. Final results for Class A - C & the scratch division are now available.

Click Here to see the results 


Hasiotis Wins 2019 Senior Masters


Bill Hasiotis bested a field of 78 senior bowlers to capture the 2019 John Nevada Memorial 23rd Annual Scratch Senior Masters Championship Tournament at AMF Fairview Lanes on Sunday, February 10. It was his second Senior Masters title, having won in 2017 at AMF Terrace. In a battle of Hall of Famers, Hasiotis defeated Brian O'Mara, 269-257, in the final match. 

See the prize list Here:

See the final day (Sunday) results Here:


Results are in -- The 35th Annual Rochester USBC Youth Scholarship Tournament

See results Here


Sarah Germano wins her second career Queens tiara

Sarah Germano put on a bowling clinic during the championship match of the 36th annual Rochester NY USBC Queens Tournament held at AMF Gates Lanes on Saturday, February 2. Germano started with nine strikes to defeat Caycee Landers, 276-241, for her second career Rochester Queens title. Landers, the defending champion, did not go away easily, forcing Germano to keep striking. Germano adds the victory to an already impressive bowling resume’ which includes a Women’s National Collegiate Championship at Pikeville, a runner-up finish and 300 game in the Rochester Masters and numerous City Championship titles, including a record-setting 3801 scratch team series while winning the City Championships at Bowl-A-Roll Lanes in 2015. The Brunswick amateur staff member also cashed in the 2017 Professional Women’s Bowling Association Rochester Open at Gates. She mostly rolled a new Brunswick Kingpin Rule during her victory on Saturday. Other step-ladder finalists in Division 1 were Kara Mangiola, Shanna Chepelsky and Heather D’Errico. Congratulations also to the winner of Division 2, Shanita Barclay, who defeated top-seed Dena Alberti, and the winner of Division 3, Krista Remp, who got past Susan Koch.

Senior Singles concludes at AMF Gates Lanes

Results are in for the Paul Mascari Senior Singles Tournament that concluded at AMF Gates Lanes on Saturday, January 19, 2019

See Final Results Here


Final Standings 35th annual Rochester NY USBC Masters Championship

Final Standings and Prize List (checks were mailed on 12/4/18)

1st - Sam Capizzi Jr. $1,000
plus crystal pin, a champion's ring and 2019 NY State Masters entry

2nd - Mike Rose Jr. - $500
plus free entry into 2019 Rochester Masters as Qualifying Leader

3rd - Steve Meyer - $400
4th - Raymond LeChase II - $350
5th - Bill Hasiotis - $325
6th - Ryan Kretchmer - $300
7th - Ken Ball - $250
8th - Troy McClure - $225
9th - Anthony Colosimo - $200
10th - Sarah Germano - $175
11th - Mark Scuderi -$150
12th - Bob Wiley - $125


Junior City Mixed Results are in !

A great turnout for for the Junior City Mixed Bowling Tournament at AMF Gates Lanes

Results are Here


Youth Bowlers, new forms to sign when entering a youth event! 

The Rochester USBC BOD along with the Youth Leaders have implemented a new photo & video consent form that to sign before entering youth event. 

See the Crowd Photo release Here:

See the Video release Here:


Youth Bowlers - The JBT Schedule has been updated 

There has been a location change. 

Check out the updated flyer Here:


Youth Travel Schedule updated! 

The 2018 - 2019 Youth travel schedule has been updated and is ready for you to download ir print out. 

Get the latest schedule Here:


The Rochester NY USBC "Combined" (Men's and Women's)

Average books are available by clicking below.

2017 - 2018

2016 - 2017

2015 - 2016

2014 - 2015


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New Youth event Release Forms

The Rochester USBC BOD along with the Youth Leaders have implemented a new photo & video consent forms for you to sign when entering youth event.

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2016-17 Mixed Doubles Tournament from Miller Lanes

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KAYLA BURNETT & TROY McCLURE 'A' Division winners;
AMANDA AREND & ADAM AREND claim 'B' Division winnings

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Junior City Mixed Tournament Results Available Soon

Junior City Mixed Finishes Up!

The Junior City Mixed Bowling Tournament at AMF Gates Lanes wrapped up on Sunday.

Check back for results soon.

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USBC rule modifies how bowling balls can be drilled; 2-year window to make adjustments

Balance holes will become illegal effective August 1, 2020. If you have any bowling balls with balance holes that you wish to use in USBC-sanctioned competition on or after that date, you must have the balance hole plugged. Starting August 1, 2018, balls that do not have balance holes (including balls with balance holes that have been plugged) are allowed to have up to 3 ounces of static imbalance in all directions (positive side/negative side, finger/thumb, and top/bottom).

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Open Rochester USBC Board Positions

Open Rochester USBC Board Positions

Several positions will be up for election at the Rochester USBC Annual meeting on Sunday March 31st, 2019. If you would like to run for a spot on our Board of Directors, fill out the resume form and submit it by March 10th, 2019. 

Get Your resume form Here 

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